The upcoming festival's DJs will be announced here.

Mik Avramenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

First steps towards tango djing Mik made in childhood: got musical education, was a school radio dj, linked his higher education with sound. In 2007 he started dancing tango an in a year he was djing on the milongas in Kiev regulary.

His dj's role sees as lifting up and holding high every dancer's mood. To do this he uses all the diversity of the golden age music, harmoniously joining it and creating an atmosphere of the milonga you don't want to leave till the last Cumparsita's chord.

Besides Kiev's milongas he was a dj at tango festivals, marathons, and "ordinary" milongas near Moscow (El Huracan Tango Marathon – 2011), Kiev (Tango Marathon – 2011, Kiev International Tango Festival – 2011), Dnepropetrovsk (Industrial Tango Exchange – 2010, Tango Harmony Festival – 2011), Lvov (Tango Remolino – 2010, 2011), Odessa (Tango Embrace – 2009, Tango D’Amore – 2010, 2011).

Anastasia Pomogaeva, DJ Radistka-cat (Moscow+St.Petersburg, Russia)

Became making music on the milongas more than 6 years ago, because it is better to sit listening to beautiful music you like than to dance to the music that doesn't make you feel happy.

Works on milongas in Paris, Riga, Kiev, a regular dj on festivals in St. Petersburg, Moscow (but sincerely thinks there's no difference between a festival milonga with a thousand dancers and a small one because people are important, not their quantity).

Three years ago created a course for those who want to be a tango dj. Though prefers practice and live communication with a dance floor.

"If a milonga was good dj's work is unnoticable, if it was bad — it's a dj's fault.
Dj is always wrong.
If during 2-3 tandas more than one third of people sit — something goes wrong with a dj's work."

This theses and a rule borrowed from my American friend "Just don't put the bad music" help creating a small holiday every milonga and with luck — a big wonder.

Aleksey Doroschenko (Minsk, Belarus)

“I love cooking.
Choosing good and tasty products.
Looking through an interesting recipe and making everything in my own way.
Experimenting and using old findings for an important supper.
Cooking a whole festive table or a single but an important dish.
Knowing how to use spices and how to get along without them.
But the thing I like the most is eating ;)”

Audrius Steikunas (Vilnius, Lithuania)

I like searching for the new milongas. Professionally I have to travel a lot and I've seen lots of milongas. For example in Tenerife local man strive hard to learn tango to charm woman tourists from Germany. In Rome a milonga may not take place because an organizer "is tired today". In Irkutsk a milonga had not take place too, but there you can learn belly dance. And in Mongolia a had not found tango at all. When I dj I play music I like to dance to. And I dance to the music of 1925-1945'th years.