DJs (2013)

The upcoming festival's DJs will be announced here.

Olga Makhno (Russia)

I am from the south of Russia - Rostov-on-Don. First of all I love dancing. I prefer traditional music at milongas. I follow one rule when I work as a DJ - the music should keep dancers on the dance floor. I have been working as a DJ for five years already. I play the music in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar. I played music for the festivals and marathons in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Lithuania.

Aleksey Doroschenko (Belarus)

“I love cooking.
I choose good and tasty ingredients.
I check out some interesting recipes & then I do everything in my way.
I experiment with unexpected & play safe in case of some important dinner.
I cook lots of dishes for big celebrations or just one small but an extremely important dish.
I use spices for best effect & to achieve great results even without them.
But even more than that I like to eat :)”

Roberto Lehner (Switzerland)

I want to get people to the dance floor and keep them dancing till the morning. When i see them dancing, i know i have done a good job. After many years of dancing i started djing in 2007. My favourites are the years from 1930 - 1945. Keeping a quiet and fluent dance, is my most important rule.

Maja Petrovic (Croatia)

Firstborn child in a family of two (06 May 1985 - ), is a prolific and influential DJ-ane of the contemporary era. She has managed at least 25 milongas (in Amsterdam, Budapest, Paris,Stuttgart, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Zagreb,…) many of them widely acknowledged as the pinnacles of sophistication and grace. She is one of the vastly popular traditional DJs. People just don´t know that yet...
On her good night, she will play exclusively traditional music, accompanied by her faithful companion Hugo (the new MacBook Air). The general idea is to play the music she herself would dance to the whole night through. She is also known to play tremendously physically demanding sets of milongas, which few have been known to survive.
4 songs in tanda. Cortinas. Lots of Biagi and Canaro. No nuevo. She owns a piano, a dog and 15 pairs of Comme il Fauts. Her boyfriend´s name is Marko. Not that it matters… : )

Tino Iacovino (Italy)

Tino Iocovino has been one of the founders of the first tango association and school in Genova. He practises tango since 1992, first as a dancer and then as event planner, teacher and musicalizador. At the moment, Tino is the owner and manager of “MiMi”, the popular Milonga Milonguera in Genova. He teaches tango in the school of his own milonga and in classes managed by the city of Genova. He took part as a DJ in many events and milongas in Genova, Milano, Torino, Alassio, Italy, in Nice, France, in Valencia, Spain and in Jurmala, Latvia. His repertoire, in traditional style, is mainly made by classic tangos from 1930 to 1950 (Epoca de Oro) and tracks of some big, later orchestras. During the evening, on demand, some nuevo tandas and folk tracks are included too.

Janina Mart (Belarus)

My dance life has been lasting for 15 years now and I think there was no way I could not start dancing tango. I love when tangos in a tanda form a single melody which makes it possible to create a special mood. I often dj in Minsk. I prefer golden age tangos.

Audrius Steikunas (Lithuania)

I like searching for the new milongas. Professionally I have to travel a lot and I've seen lots of milongas. For example in Tenerife local men strive hard to learn tango to charm ladies-tourists from Germany. In Rome a milonga may not take place because an organizer "is tired today". In Irkutsk a milonga had not taken place either, but you can learn belly dance there. And in Mongolia a had not found tango at all. When I dj I play music I like to dance to. And I dance to the music of 1925-1945s years.