The upcoming festival's DJs will be announced here.

Aleksey Doroschenko (Belarus)

I became a tango DJ in Minsk in 2009. At first it was just a possibility to dance music what I like and a chance to make something interesting for everyone. As many beginners I started with pre-made playlists, but as time passed I began to spend more and more time selecting on the spot what to play next. Now I rarely dance during my DJing, but the process itself brings enough joy and excitement. As invited DJ I've already been in Lviv, Vilnius, Ruza (Moscow) and St. Petersburg. This winter I'll be DJing at some of these places third time ;) I regularly work in Minsk during weekly milongas and bigger events as well. Here is my idea about DJing: First step is to select music I like. I don't play music because it's a hit or because nobody else is playing it. But my tastes aren't exotic or weird. I still a bit more a dancer than a DJ, I started to really appreciate many songs and even some orchestras on the dance floor instead of cozy sofa. After that I try to choose best music just for this moment, this place and these dancers. On the one hand I rely heavily on being here and now, on feeling current moment to select next few tracks. On the other hand I keep an eye on global milonga structure and try to play wider range of music. I think that DJ is doing excellent job when people no longer care about skipping a good tanda, because all music they hear is so good.

Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (Ukraine)

She always knows what tango to play now and what cortina will go best with mood of last tanda while preparing for next one. Alexandra uses all well known tangos from the Golden Age in her unique way to fill music with new energy and passion. In 2008-2013 she participated as a DJ at the festivals and milongas in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland and Argentina. She even makes her own DJ-festival in Lviv — Tango Remolino.

Utku Küley (Turkey)

Utlu Küley - a professional musician (graduated from Istanbul State Conservatory), tango teacher in his Academia Del Tango İstanbul, organizer of Istanbul Tango Festival.

Utku started DJing 8 years ago. Since then he's played at many European festivals: Artetango in France, Alchemie Tango Festival in Prague, Tangomagia Festival in Amsterdam, Tango Summer Festival in Kopenhagen. Also you could have heard him in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yalta, etc. Also Utku has DJed in Buenos Aires several times: Salon Canning, La Viruta, Villa Malcolm, Practica X, La Ideal, etc.

His favourite orchestras are Osvaldo Pugliese and Carlos Di Sarli, favourite singer - Jorge Maciel.

Besides all that we're expecting a very unusual milonga from Utku - for the first time at Minsk Festival the music will be played from gramophone records! :) And it will be something like this.

Mik Avramenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

Mik made his first steps to become a tango DJ a number of years ago. At that without his own knowledge everything was for that purpose: he’s got a music education, DJ experience at the school radio and finally graduated in the field of acoustics. His tango life started in 2007, at first as a dancer, a year later as a tango DJ. Now he is a DJ at regular milongas, festivals and marathons in his city Kyiv as well as other cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, and Finland.

Mik’s target as a tango DJ is to sense and improve the mood of each dancer in the hall, all variety of the Golden Age music is his instrument to do that. His capability to chose and combine music harmoniously helps him to create a special atmosphere and make people dancing until the final chord of La Cumparsita.

Semeon Kukormin (Russia)

Jakub Ciczkowski (Poland)

I enjoyed tango music before I started to dance. I play wide representation of famous, classical tango orchestras ranging from mid-20ies till late 50ies. My goal is to keep up desire to dance continuously, so I play with different feelings and speed. I prefer music that combines beautiful melodies with strong rhythms.

Ania Poliakova (Belarus-Lithuania)

DJing brings me a lot of joy. It feels great to make dancers want to dance each tanda. On my opinion , DJ can play good only if he plays favorite music and respects mood of dancers. My choise is delicious classic.

Justyna Jedrzejewska (Poland)

First of all she is a dancer. Since she was a child, dancing was a part of her life and finally became everything for her. From being a dancer to being a Dj the way is very short. Respecting the mood of the dancefloor and keeping balance between rythmical and romantic tangos, music make people dance till the very last tanda. It is the music that inspire us to dance!

Previous years

2012: Mik Avramenko, Anastasia Pomogaeva, Aleksey Doroschenko and Audrius Steikunas
2013: Olga Makhno, Aleksey Doroschenko, Roberto Lehner, Maja Petrovic, Tino Iacovino, Janina Mart and Audrius Steikunas