Andrea Dedò
(Italy, Rome)

He calls himself "Musicalizador".
“I pay very much attention to the energy of a milonga. When I DJ, in addition to trust my ear as a musician who helps me in choosing the best music produced by orchestras in the last 100 years, I "listen" to my legs and my “milonguero” heart in order to choose the danceable tracks to guide the energy of the milonga.  Perceiving the needs and tastes of the dancers present and create a musical wave every night, a stream tanguero in which the souls and bodies of the tangueros in the room vibrate… This give me satisfaction!”

Andrea Dedò plays at festivals, marathons, important events and milongas in Italy and Europe. He is also dancer and tango teacher. He is the creator of the Italian Tango magazine "El Tanguero", as well as creator and artistic director of the International L'Aquila Tango Festival.