Michiel Van 't Laar

“In Italy they call me the ‘Olandese Volante’ (Flying Dutchman) because it is difficult to sit still for me, especially when my music is playing!“

Born in Holland but living in Italy the last 27 years. I organize around 25 events a year in Venice among which ‘Tango al Cioccolato’.
I started playing in 2010 while I couldn’t afford to pay a DJ to come to my events every time. I do not consider myself an official TDJ, I’m a dancer. But I know what music is good to dance to and how to build up a tanda or a tango evening.
I play the ‘Golden Age’ music I like to dance to and prepare yourself, that’s what I do.
Specialized in after parties, I will try to keep you on your feet till 8.00AM!