Margarita Usova
(Minsk, Belarus)

I have been dancing since childhood and it was only logical that I got deeply involved with tango eventually. I started dancing tango in 2008 very intensively and in a year or so started DJing as well. I love dancing and gathering people on the dance floor. Due to that I am taking part in organizing tango-events, outings, DJing and hosting milongas.

I consider it to be most important that dancers never get bored and go along with the positive vibes even if at a particular moment they are resting and recharging for next tanda. Everything has its own place in my milonga – nostalgic, hopeful, lyrical moods, bursts of energy, playful inserts and shades of passion. I prefer classical music, the Golden Age and Co, but have a tendency to experiment add new orchestras and singers. And last, but not least, I am very passionate about Argentinean folklore.

As long as I am honored to be supporting a pre-party – there is no place for resting there - so get ready to be heated up! Up to boiling =)