Maria Moreno

Maria Moreno has first climbed on stage when she was 4 and stayed there till she was 17. But even after that she hasn't stopped dancing.

In school years Maria was a prize winner at Europe Ballroom Dancing Championship and a prize winner of World Tap Dancing Championship.

She was submitted to Kiev Engineering and Construction Institute. As it turned out -- she was submitted in order to train the select team of the Institute in aerobics and lead it to victory at the Ukraine Cup.

At milongas Maria dances all the tandas and even cortinas. She can dance tango, salsa, swing, salsa, tap, folklore and many dances the names of which will not tell you anything. She dances at construction, at metro, in the shower and even in sleep.

Prepare yourselves that when leaving Maria's lesson and peña you'll be dancing all the way home, all night and probably next morning.