Mik Avramenko
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Mik made his first steps to become a tango DJ in his childhood: he’s got a music education, he played music for the school radio and also chose sound(acoustics) as his major. His tango life started in 2007, at first as a dancer, a year later as a tango DJ.

Now he is a DJ at regular milongas, festivals and marathons in Kyiv as well as other cities in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Germany, France, Switzerland, Czechia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland.

Mik’s aim as a tango DJ is to sense and improve the mood of each dancer in the hall, all variety of the Golden Age music is his instrument to do that. His capability to chose and combine music harmoniously helps him to create a special atmosphere and make people dancing until the final chord of La Cumparsita.