Sergey Markov
(Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Hi everyone!

My name is Sergey Markov and I am a tango DJ. My dj-story started in 2010 at a milonga in "Gazeta" cafe, and since then I have been playing music on the majority of St.Petersburg milongas, as well as milongas in Minsk and Moscow. I have participated at "White Nights Tango" and "Navidad" festivals in St.Petersburg, "Remolino" in Lviv, "TangoRio" in Rostov.

My passion for playing tango music has been born out of the wish to create energetic atmosphere at milongas. To let people feel the drive and strong energy of tango music, which I find in the classic songs of the golden age.

Besides, I try to see every milonga as a whole story. It's a kind of a movie or a play to which I carefully choose cortinas that play the role of soundtracks to the main happenings, as well as joining parts between its main acts.

I sincerely believe that my job is to play music for people who come to milongas. I do not play complicated or unusual arrangement in order to be distinguished among my fellow-djs, also I will not play mournful music box to which people would dance "somehow" or "simpler". No. I won't surprise you with rare songs either, but I am sure that on my milonga you will have a great time dancing, and this is the most important to me!