Aleksey Doroschenko

Do you remember your first milonga as a DJ? How did it all begin? Why have you decided to become a tango DJ?
- It happened at the same time as non school milongas started to appear in Minsk, we prepared music on a flash drive and played from it. Since then I’ve been learning and developing little by little :)

When do you like to play music more: in the afternoon, evening, night, afterparty? Why?
- It is more fun when people are already warm, but are not dying from tiredness.

What music do you like besides tango?
- I love all genres, but approximately 30% of the music I listen to is some good jazz radio or Radiohead.

What do you like more - to play music or to dance?
- Usually it’s dancing, but some festival gigs turn out to be more interesting ;)

What is your favourite flower? :)
- Blooming fruit trees: cherry-plum-apple-pear trees.

Favourite activities (hobbies) besides tango
- Body and intellectual hedonism.

How did you start dancing tango? Have you danced (do you dance) other dances?
- Contact improvisation, 5 rhythms, Freedom dance, trying contemporary dancing.

What else have you been doing in tango: organisation of milongas, festivals, teaching…?
- I helped with festivals PR. Love to advise and criticise, but I control myself.

How has your musical taste evolve during your tango life/DJ career?
- In the beginning I was super classic, now, on the contrary, I broaden my horizons gradually. Have 30s and 50s-60s in my sets, although 40s are still the basis, of course.

How do you choose music at a milonga?
- I try to guess the best-in-the-moment 1st track for the next tanda abd build the tanda around it.

Without what songs/orchestras a milonga can’t be a good milonga?
- D’Arienzo.

Can you think of a happy/funny story connected with your DJing?
- I was young and foolish and for a couple of years I played with two mp3 players instead of buying a laptop.

Do you like to travel? Name a most unusual place were you DJed/ danced
- Remolino - is a fairytale.

Where do you dream to go to?
- To go back to Tel-Aviv.

What song do you associate with Minsk Spring Tango Festival?