Birger Haugdal

Do you remember your first milonga as a DJ? How did it all begin? Why have you decided to become a tango DJ?
- I remember my first real DJing for a special event, in Sept. 2004 In Bergen, with CD`s. But I started in very small scale already back in 2002-03, inspired by my first trip to BsAs in 2001. I started traveling in Norway in 2005 and 2006, still with CD`s. In 2007 I started with laptop, and began to travel internationally. I started mostly because I wanted to bring what I felt was good dancing tango music to other dancers who preferred traditional tangos.

When do you like to play music more: in the afternoon, evening, night, afterparty? Why?
- All sets are ok, but I would rather sleep than play or dance arourd 6 in the morning.

What music do you like besides tango?
- My music interest is not that broad. For many, many years, the music that touched me most is singer/songwriters, troubadours, some acoustic blues, folk-rock and folk music.

What else have you been doing in tango: organisation of milongas, festivals, teaching…?
- Teaching local people for many years, co-organizing a marathon 3 times in Bergen.

How do you choose music at a milonga?
- It’s about the variation of music, the crowd/city/type of event/time of the set give me a feeling how varied I should play. Sometimes I hit, sometimes not.

Without what songs/orchestras a milonga can’t be a good milonga?
- D’Arienzo is what I feel is THE most important orchestra. Tangos, valses and milongas are good for social dancing.

Do you like to travel? Name a most unusual place were you DJed/ danced
- Yes, I like travelling. Very exotic for me were to dance in Limassol in Cyprus, next to the palms and swimming pools, and to DJ in Lefkosa in North-Cyprus (Nikosia).
My first time dancing and DJing at Remolino in Lviv was also very exotic and unusual for me that time, since it was my first real experience in this area of Europe. To explore the great dancing culture and their passion of Argentine folklore dances was great to see.

Where do you dream to go to?
- My travels to Belarus, Ukraine and Russia have inspired me to go further east, to Kaukasus. The top on my list is Georgia/Tbilisi and Azerbaijan/Baku.