James Bates

Do you remember your first milonga as a DJ? How did it all begin? Why have you decided to become a tango DJ?
- Don't really remember the exact event. Too long ago. I started at a praktika with no DJ, just burnt CDs. I thought I could do better than that :)

When do you like to play music more: in the afternoon, evening, night, afterparty? Why?
- All, depends on mood.

What music do you like besides tango?
- Brahms, Beethoven, Berlioz, Bach, Bartok, anything with "B" :)

What do you like more - to play music or to dance?
- Both equally.

Favourite activities (hobbies) besides tango
- Traveling, programming, mathematics

How did you start dancing tango? Have you danced (do you dance) other dances?
- I started with Swing. Then my swing partner seduced me to tango.

What else have you been doing in tango: organisation of milongas, festivals, teaching…?
- Have organized milongas for ages, in both Brussels and Berlin. And of course the Trasnochando festival.

How has your musical taste evolve during your tango life/DJ career?
- Has evolved to specialize in the fascinating Edad de Oro. See:

How do you choose music at a milonga?
- I push as far as the dancers will let me!

Without what songs/orchestras a milonga can’t be a good milonga?
- D'Arienzo.

Do you like to travel? Name a most unusual place were you DJed/ danced
- In a church!

In what city is there the best regular local milongas?
- That's a politically sensitive question :) I enjoy my current home city, Berlin.

Where do you dream to go to?
- To the edge of the eastern ridge above Echus Chasma (on Mars), looking West. The view of the Chasma below, and Ascraeus and Pavonis volcanoes on the horizon should be spectacular!