Monica Şuteu

Do you remember your first milonga as a DJ? How did it all begin? Why have you decided to become a tango DJ?
- My first gig was at El Ocaso in Berlin. It has never been a clear decision to become a dj, it developed through my interest in tango music.

When do you like to play music more: in the afternoon, evening, night, afterparty? Why?
- I don't have preferences, I find it interesting and challenging to adapt to the time of the day, and the crowd of course.

What music do you like besides tango?
- Many different kinds, especially classical, mostly musical theater.

What do you like more - to play music or to dance?
- Both.

What is your favourite flower? :)
- Lilly of the valley.

How did you start dancing tango? Have you danced (do you dance) other dances?
- I started dancing because I fell in love with tango music. No, no other dances.

How has your musical taste evolve during your tango life/DJ career?
- I always was and I still am a big lover of the Epoca de Oro. I don't think my musical taste changed much during my tango life, though I do hope (and keep working on this one) that my way of playing, from putting a tanda together up to building a whole milonga, got more refined over the years.

How do you choose music at a milonga?
- I choose the music depending on the type of event, the time of the day and the crowd of dancers, with whom I try to communicate through the music.

Without what songs/orchestras a milonga can’t be a good milonga?
- Troilo, D'Arienzo, Di Sarli, Pugliese, Tanturi.

Do you like to travel? Name a most unusual place were you DJed/ danced
- I love traveling and getting the chance to know different tango communities around the world. To name only one place is way too difficult, the beautiful thing is, that they are all special.

In what city is there the best regular local milongas?
- Buenos Aires.