Masha Traskovskaya

It was love from the first sight. I loved its joyfulness, carelessness, lightness and brightness. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet it for a very long time, it was very rare in Minsk. A couple of years ago at the spring festival there was a free chacarera class and finally we met - Argentine folklore entered the very depth of my heart.

A year ago I’ve decided that there should be more folklore in Minsk and held the first local pena (not within large events). And then I started to teach, so that people like me, who dream about dancing folklore, could have this possibility and wouldn’t have to wait for a rare workshop or a big event.

Everything I do in this direction, is done out of love to folklore and of a wish to dance it more and better. And I am happy that little by little it enters in the lives of Minsk tangueros.

The most important for me in DJing and in events organisation is to unite people, to celebrate life together, to have the energy on a very high level in order to give birth to something new inside a person and in the space. It’s great that I have a chance to play for you on Friday pena: I will be warming up your hearts to meet the spring and our favourite festival.