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Citizens of the half of the world's countries can get to Belarus without a visa for up to 30 days, but there are important rules listed below.

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Without visa up to 30 days

For citizens of 24 countries listed in the right column here there is a visa free entry as by plane as by any other transport.

For citizens of 74 more countries listed here visa free entry is available only if you travel to Belarus by plane and your plane flies to Minsk not for Russia.

Documents needed:

If you travel from Russia or your flight makes a stop in Russia.

There are three things you need to know:
1) Only citizens of Russia and Belarus can cross the border between Russia and Belarus by land, so, probably, your only option is to fly.
2) You will need a visa to enter Belarus if you are not in this list (right column). The visa-free entry via Minsk airport is not available for you.
3) You may need a visa to enter Russia, please check here.

If you stay in Belarus for 5+ days and stay not in a hotel

If you stay at a hotel or hostel, the hotel staff will do the registration for you.

If you stay at a private apartment, you will have to get registered with the local citizenship and migration office within five working days (Monday-Saturday) after arrival.

Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Kazakhstan can stay in Belarus without registration for up to 30 days.

For example, if you are staying from March 7th till March 12th (March 8th is a holiday, does not count as a working day) it is 4 working days and 2 non-working days, no need to register.
If you are staying one day longer you need to register, please ask the owner of the flat you are renting to help you with registration. More info here.

Medical insurance policy

Everyone except the citizens of the CIS countries is obliged to have a medical insurance policy with coverage for at least 10 000 euros, valid in Belarus during the whole duration of stay. It may be purchased at the airport upon arrival (before passport control), it costs a couple of euros.

List of countries whose citizens do not need insurance (in Russian).

If you need a visa

In general the visa costs from 10 to 60 euros for almost every country (the fee may vary according to your nationality). The visa you’ll be applying for is single entry, short term (please specify the dates of your stay in the form below).

To make the visas cost less, you can unite in groups of 5 people (or more) and apply for a group visa -- the cost will be 10 euros/each. The only disadvantage of the group visa is that you should cross Belarusian border altogether - upon entering and leaving the country. It is very important! (the visa is stamped on 1 A4 document, not in every passport)

To apply for a visa to Belarus, please fill in the form below. Filling in the visa form doesn’t guarantee that the visa will be issued - we’ll add your details in the letter of invitation and send it in PDF to you, and you will submit it to the embassy. General processing time is 1-2 weeks.

You can check this list to find out whether there's a Belarusian embassy in your country. If there’s none, you can apply in a different country or at Minsk airport upon arrival if you arrive by plane (please plan ahead where you’ll be applying, airport visas cost 180 euros if there’s a Belarusian embassy in your country, if there’s none - 90 euros).

The documents you’ll need to submit to the embassy (whether in your city or in Minsk airport):
1. The copy of invitation
2. visa application form (we’ll send it to you with the invitation)
3. passport (valid for 6 months after your visit to Minsk)
4. photo 35*45 mm
5. medical insurance for the number of days you’ll stay in Minsk - those who will get visa at Minsk airport will be able to get it there.

Now please fill in the visa form below so that we could arrange an invitation for you. We assure you that all your details are confidential and will be used only for the invitation. After filling the form please notify us by email

If you do not see the form below, please use the link